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This is a copy of the court order handed down to SEPTA forcing them to put slanderous advertisements on their vehicles.  The union is aware and taking steps to try to right this wrong.

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Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed over Video Surveillance Cameras Placed in Comly Transportation Room

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 New United Concordia Dental Cards

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Apply for the 2015 Michael J. Quill Scholarship


Discussions to Start Soon on Pension Reform

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Pictures From TWU Local 234 Section Officer Swearing In Ceremony

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Muslim Bus Drivers Confront SEPTA Over Rules on Skirt Lengths

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 Guns, Knives and Union Democracy Don't Mix. Local 234 must draw a line in the sand to Stop Threats & Intimidation of Union Members

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TWU Contracts Ratified By Large Numbers

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 A Message From TWU Local 234 President Willie Brown

Two Year Contract: A Pause in the Fight for Pension, Arbitration and Health Care Reforms

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Does it feel like the deck has been stacked against working people in the world of politics?  Are you concerned about your wages, pensions, health benefits, and about what’s happening in the country?  Do you wonder why only the rich are getting richer, while the rest of us are falling behind?

Find out what’s really going on.  I ask you to take a few minutes to watch the video below.  The video, produced by TWU Local 234, not only talks about where we are at right now, it explains what lies ahead.

After you watch the video, please forward it to your friends, family members and coworkers.  Let’s get this video to go viral.   

Willie Brown


TWU Local 234


Click here to read the letter from the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO regarding Senate Bill 1034 & House Bill 1507

 President Willie Brown's Radio Interview

Republican legislators in Harrisburg recently introduced a bill to strip public sector unions of the right to negotiate dues check-off arrangements with public employers. If the bill passes, it could have a devastating effect on public sector unions, exposing them to further political attacks designed to strip transit workers and other public employees of pensions and other hard earned benefits.  Police and firefighters were excluded, they could still contract for dues check off. Click here to read all of HB 1507.

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