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 Sunday, April 06, 2014 (4:21 p.m.) 

SEPTA has been playing hard ball today, saying TWU members are overpaid and must contribute more to health insurance even though SEPTA managers pay one third as much as our members for their pensions, but get three times as much when they retire!

As a result, SEPTA has replaced the question of IF we strike, with the question of WHEN we strike. 


Following an update on the status of contract negotiations given by TWU Executive Vice President, Brian Pollitt, at an emergency JEB strike meeting Thursday evening, the Local’s section officers voted unanimously to support President Willie Brown in his efforts to secure a contract for the Local’s 5,100 members. 

After months of fruitless negotiations, President Willie Brown led a late night bargaining session with SEPTA on Thursday that proved to be the most productive meeting since negotiations began in January.  The parties are discussing a two year contract as proposed by Local 234 to head off SEPTA’s persistent demands for radical concessions and a five year deal. Another bargaining session is scheduled for Friday. 

Current On The Move News Letter

The TWU Local 234 Women's Committee sponsors the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk. To read the full news letter click on the link below.

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TWU Local 234 Women's Committee March Madness Event

The Women's Committee "March Madness" event was a great success. We would like to thank the hundreds of members who participated. Click here to view the pictures.

Union Summit II 2014 

"Unions in Unity"

Unions who represent Septa employees met at Local 234’s Union Hall again on March 15, 2014 to continue talks on a plan to combat our common enemy which is Septa. Click here to view the pictures.

Contract Proposal

On March 14, 2014, the Authority presented the following proposal to Local 234 to resolve all matters on the table since initial proposals were exchanged in early January.  As you can see, the Authority is seeking a five year agreement with no wage increases in the first two years, and a total of six percent over the last three years of the agreement.  In addition, the Authority is proposing a substantial increase in employee contributions to the cost of health insurance, increases in deductibles and medical co-payments and the elimination of pension benefits for new hires, plus many other concessions that should make your BLOOD BOIL!!

*To read SEPTA’s entire contract proposal click here.

*To review the list of demands found on page four of the Authority’s proposal click here.


Republican legislators in Harrisburg recently introduced a bill to strip public sector unions of the right to negotiate dues check-off arrangements with public employers. If the bill passes, it could have a devastating effect on public sector unions, exposing them to further political attacks designed to strip transit workers and other public employees of pensions and other hard earned benefits.  Police and firefighters were excluded, they could still contract for dues check off. Click here to read all of HB 1507.

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