TWU Quill Scholarship

Apply for the 2015 Michael J. Quill Scholarship

Click here to download the application for the 2015 Michael J. Quill Scholarship. Before you complete the scholarship application, please read through the information below to be sure that you qualify.

Important to note:

  • You must have the TWU local of the relative, if alive, on whose membership or former membership in TWU your eligibility depends. Complete Section C of the application.
  • You must have your high school fill out Section D of the application.
  • When all sections are completed, the whole application should be returned to:

    Michael J. Quill Scholarship Fund
    Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO
    501 3rd St. NW, 9th Floor
    Washington, DC 20001


Read below for more information and FAQs on the scholarship.

Since 1969, TWU has awarded 15 four-year college scholarships each year to college-bound dependents of TWU members. Each award recipient receives $1,200 annually, for a total of $4,800 over the four-year college period.
Quill Scholarship awards have benefitted hundreds of families throughout the TWU. Sons and daughters of our members in city passenger transit, railroad and air transportation, utilities, public employment, space installations, and allied industries are among those who began their college educations with the help of the TWU’s signature scholarship, bearing the name of our founder.

The Quill Scholarship Program is supervised by International Executive Vice President John Samuelsen with the able assistance of Executive Secretary Tinisha Thompson.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Quill Scholarship

How does an applicant qualify?

The applicant must be certified twice. First, a TWU Local must certify the facts that make the applicant eligible. Secondly, the principal of the high school must attest to the fact that the applicant is capable of doing college work. The applicant must comply with the Rules of the Scholarship Fund, available upon request.

Who is eligible?

Sons and daughters and dependent brothers and sisters (claimed with IRS) of present, retired, or deceased TWU members who are High School Seniors and who will enter an accredited college of their own choice beginning with the Fall term are eligible. Sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters of full-time, paid officers of the Union are not eligible.

When is the deadline?

All applications must be received by the Michael J. Quill Scholarship Fund by May 5, 2015.

How is the scholarship paid?

The scholarship money is paid directly to the college or university that the successful applicant attends.

How does a person apply?

Fill out and send in the application.

How are the winners decided?

By a random drawing held in May of each year at TWU headquarters. Winners will be notified immediately thereafter.